Asset Register

Description Value
Village Pond Nominal Value £1
War Memorial approximately £3,000 (historic cost)
Playground equipment approximately £12,817
Bus Shelter approximately £8,873
Street furniture nominal value £1
Notice Board (2014 addition) £957
Telephone kiosk (2014 addition) nominal value £1

Insurance cover is public liability only with no cover for damage.

Governance and Accountability assets are now shown in the asset register at their original purchase price. The value will remain unchanged until disposal. The values shown in the original asset register (as of 13.5.2005) will now be the value of the assets shown in the register. If any additions are added to the assets at any time then the value of these is added to the original base price.

Value recorded at audit 2016 is increased to £ 25,650 and therefore going forward this is the value that is retained.

Last Updated May 2016